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Leadership at every level – how to be influential

  • Type Public training - virtual
  • Venue Virtual training
  • Start 17 Feb 2021 13:00
  • End 17 Feb 2021 16:00


Leadership at every level – how to be influential

Don’t be limited by your job title and make sure others aren’t limited by theirs.

Leadership at every level – or 360 leadership – is a way of ensuring everyone in the business sees themselves as influential in the achievements of the business.

Spreading leadership skills throughout the organisation, whether someone is running the company or running errands, is the best way to be. But it takes a special kind of leadership to promote 360 leadership and ensure the culture is one where such a mindset flourishes.

This session questions the typical leadership top down, hierarchical model.

By the end of it you will:

  • Understand why it’s important to move away from a traditional model and adopt a more modern approach
  • Recognise the importance of other departments and how they all work together as influential in the achievements of the business
  • Understand how everyone can feel important and everyone contribute in a meaningful way recognising one anothers’ importance
  • Feel enthused, confident and eager to put this into practice.

360 leadership is about how you feel within your own workplace, how you make others feel and about how your leaders, and others, view you.

Who should attend?


  • Everyone, regardless of their level in the business, who wants to improve their influence
  • Leaders who want to encourage a 360 leadership culture.

Our trainer

After graduating from university, Alan Aucoin started his career in the charitable sector supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people throughout Canada.

Working as Development Co-ordinator for Horizons for Youth, an innovative harm reduction shelter in Toronto, Alan was inspired by their resiliency and dedication to self-improvement motivating him to establish the best strategic partnerships with major companies and the community to ensure young lives continued to be inspired.

Upon relocating to the UK, he continued his work with young people to achieve their full potential at The Prince’s Trust, the UK’s leading youth charity, covering Yorkshire and the Humber.

Following his own life changing experience on a Quarterdeck programme, Alan was invited to become part of the Quarterdeck crew, continuing to promote the ideal that anyone can be an inspirational leader.

Since then Alan has become an exceptional trainer and coach. He works with clients large and small and is credited with creating many people’s ‘course of a lifetime’.

This course will also be running on 9 November 2020.

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9 November 2020


This course will be particularly relevant to members of all networks.


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