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Drug and alcohol awareness


Drug and alcohol awareness

There are many types of drugs that your residents and service users may be using now or have used in the past.

With recent law change’s previously ‘Legal highs’ are now illegal, and tenants who use these or any of the other widely misused drugs available in the UK, could mean legal consequences for not just the user but for you as service providers or landlord. Growing ‘Skunk’ Cannabis at home is on the rise and again may mean consequences both legal and financial for both tenant and landlord. 

This course will provide a practical understanding of the effects of all the different types of legal and illegal drugs misused in the UK and will give participants practical skills in dealing with drug users of all types. 

Training focus and outcomes 

  • Drug and alcohol use in the UK: its history and current UK prevalence 
  • Understanding drugs and the law including section 8 of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act that relates to premises 
  • To explore all the illegal drugs used in the UK including previously ‘legal highs’, Fentanyl, Balloons and Alcohol. 
  • Understanding signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use 
  • To explore ‘Dual diagnosis’; mental health and substance misuse combined 
  • How do drugs and alcohol affect physical and mental health? 
  • How does drug and alcohol use affect the housing sector including issues relating to health and safety and dealing with alcohol-related aggression and drug-related crime? 
  • Exploring some simple but effective methods for working with drug and alcohol users 
  • Understanding what treatment options are available for the range of drug and alcohol users you will work with. 

Our trainer 

Danny McGowan, BSC, MSC, worked for over 12 years in alcohol and drug treatment before becoming a full-time trainer and consultant. He specialises in translating science into common sense and has an interactive and engaging training style which provides you with practical skills not just a lot of facts and figures. 

This course will also be running in Manchester.

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