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Condensation, damp and mould – causes, cures and the courts


Condensation, damp and mould – causes, cures and the courts

This revised and updated condensation, damp and mould workshop builds on the enthusiastically received format previously delivered at public training events across the length and breadth of the UK.

Revising existing understanding, dispelling myths and questioning existing generic, outdated and inappropriate advice often given to interested parties in the light of recent improvements to housing stock, the course provides delegates with an effective understanding of the causes, symptoms and cures associated with condensation, damp and mould in the light of impacting legislation, etc

What will you learn?

  • An understanding of the causes, symptoms and cures associated with condensation, damp and mould
  • Requisite impacting legislation and the implications of failure
  • Rising damp – truth or myth?
  • The diverse range of detection tools available such as moisture, carbide and capacitance meters, borescopes, hygrometer sticks and humidity boxes, etc
  • Strategies for the effective removal/reduction of damp and mould problems
  • How to communicate sound knowledge-based principles to affected parties
  • How to protect parties’ interests and implement effective procedural guidance to combat failure.

The training is lively, practical and interactive and, most importantly, in tune with the increasing demands being placed on housing organisations and their technical and housing officers in meeting the challenges presented by this resource-draining aspect of their work.

Who will benefit?

Housing officers, maintenance and technical officers, property inspectors, home visitors, estate-based staff such as caretakers and neighbourhood officers, together with all customer-facing teams and their team leaders.

Our trainer

Facilitated by Wayne Anderson, expert lecturer, national conference speaker, chartered surveyor, arbitrator and consultant, the sessions are lively, colourful and interactive and are based on extensive experience gained over 25 years with best practice organisations involved in the housing repairs and maintenance sector. Wayne has a reputation for simplifying complex issues and encouraging frontline staff to develop a deeper understanding of maintenance issues that can be applied confidently on a day-to-day basis.

This course will also be running in Glasgow.

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