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Complaint and abusive contact handling workshop


Complaint and abusive contact handling workshop

Does your organisation deliver first-class customer service even when the going gets tough? This workshop has received high praise from over 10,000 delegates for being powerful, practical and thoroughly enjoyable.

“The training course I went to last week was easily the best I’ve ever attended, the trainer was fantastic and it’s already made such a difference to my job.”

“What a brilliant day: Theresa is a pure entertainer, delivers what counts and makes the training fun and really useful.”

“I would attend any of the training Theresa does after today, an amazing training session which really opened up my eyes on how to deal with customers properly.”

What will participants learn?

  • How to manage the most difficult and challenging of customers
  • Understanding where extreme behaviours originate from
  • How to identify our own behaviour traits through the use of Transactional Analysis to successfully manage our own emotions and those of our customers
  • Delivering a great first impression
  • How to direct and control conversations to keep them on track
  • Understanding complaints handling best practice
  • The options to deal with abusive behaviour
  • How to manage escalation when the customer will not be placated.

If your goal is to consistently deliver excellence in customer service, this workshop can be used as a platform for continuous improvement.

People who will benefit from attending this workshop:

  • Frontline customer service staff
  • Managers and team leaders of frontline customer service staff.

Our trainer

Theresa Ganz is a specialist in how to deal with customers, communication and presentation skills. Her background comprises roles in housing, information technology and at Manchester Business School. A freelance trainer for many years, her courses are fun, practical and enjoyable. 

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