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A new deal for social housing: Let’s take a look at your current service


A new deal for social housing: Let’s take a look at your current service

14 August 2018 – the Government released the Green Paper ‘A new deal for social housing’, after consulting 8,000 stakeholders and considering the views of many of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster. The green paper sets out five key principles designed to ensure that social housing residents receive ‘a new deal’.

So what happens next?

This practical training course explores the key themes running through the document and how these impact on the way in which staff and organisations relate to their customers and residents. It will look at how you currently treat residents, your relationship with them and consider how some may feel stigmatised by yourselves or others. It will explore if you are paying enough attention to residents’ diversity and differing needs. It will look at what you can change – at the ways in which the current arrangements can be challenged to prevent stigma internally and externally and help make your residents proud to live in your properties.

You will explore

  • ‘A new deal for social housing’ and its five core principles
  • In depth the sections focusing on building better, non-stigmatised relationships with your residents
  • Diversity and stigma in relation to the wider communities as well as your staff’s view of your residents
  • Options for giving your residents a voice on an individual and group level
  • Tools that will assist you to empower your residents on both a micro and macro level
  • Complaints and feedback – how to deal with this effectively and transparently
  • Ideas and case studies – how other landlords have tackled or are in the process of tackling these issues
  • And develop action plans to use back in your organisation.

Who will benefit from this course?

Everyone responsible for delivering a frontline service.

Our trainer

Danny McGowan BSC, MSC has been involved in supporting people with substance misuse, mental health and other complex needs for over 20 years. He has developed experience in many specialist areas, such as working with hoarders and those with a dual diagnosis and has delivered training in techniques such as motivational interviewing and CBT. He has been delivering training for the housing sector for over a decade and has many years’ experience of developing client/customer involvement and peer mentoring schemes.

Danny uses a combination of his years of experience, current good practice guidelines and research evidence to deliver the topics he trains. He uses a holistic interactive training style that provides delegates with real skills and information, which they are then able to apply back in the workplace and beyond. He has delivered training and provided consultancy to numerous organisations during his career. Notable clients include the Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions and the Home Office as well as housing organisations across the UK.

This course will also be running in London.

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