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Communication skills masterclass – product of the month

Communication skills masterclass

How good are your communication skills?

Want to learn some new techniques?

This course is a synthesis of the most famous, widely used and evidence-based communication techniques that are available which can be applied in any situation.

You will:

  • Understand motivational interviewing techniques – open questioning, reflective listening and summarising skills
  • Explore NLP and how it can help understand our own and others’ communication style, body language and priority system
  • Explore CBT and how to identify and address negative mindsets in ourselves, and others
  • Understand what defence mechanisms are, how to spot and address them
  • Learn how to use negative and use positive language effectively
  • Explore transactional analysis skills, particularly the ‘Parent-adult-child’ model.

Who will benefit from this course?

Everyone at all levels and especially staff who deal with difficult or challenging situations.

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Communication skills masterclass Manchester

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