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Universal Credit – product of the month

The complete works of Universal Credit

Updated to cover all 2019 Universal Credit changes

This practical course provides crucial insight into the strengths and weaknesses of Universal Credit. Everything you need to know to provide direction to staff and tenants and base key decisions on. 

Like Shakespeare’s plays: 

  • Universal Credit makes us think about major problems that seem to be common to people at different times. We’ll explain the many pitfalls of Universal Credit so you and your tenants avoid them 
  • Many have wished the language were easier to understand so things don’t get lost in translation. We’ll help you understand the language and what it means to be a ‘claimant’ 
  • The course is exciting with games, real-life case studies and practice sessions. It’ll keep your attention at all times. 

Course modules: 

  • “To APA, or not to APA: that is the question” – considering options 
  • “O housing costs, housing costs, where for art thou housing costs” – ensuring you get housing costs from the beginning of the claim, and backdating 
  • “Now is the migration of our discontent” – looking at how migration will be managed 
  • “Is this a sanction I see before me” – how much, what the tenant can do and the impact on managed payments 
  • “The course of claim management never did run smooth” – what can go wrong during a claim, how to identify problems and how they can be resolved 
  • “If conditionality be the rule of benefit, sign on” – looking at the different groups and understanding what claimants have to do in return for UC 
  • “Shall I compare thee to a legacy benefit” – the similarities and differences between the old and new benefit systems 
  • “Be not afraid of overpayments” – what can be challenged and how. 

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The complete works of Universal Credit       The complete works of Universal Credit      The complete works of Universal Credit

In-house training strip

In-house training

If you would like this course tailoring to your organisation we also offer in-house training. Please contact Anna Pattison on 01904 557197 or email for more information.