Prioritise, plan, adapt – repeat

Bring focus to your workload

Prioritise, plan, adapt – repeat

We are all working in new ways and dealing with unpredictable situations. This makes managing our everyday work even more challenging. As soon as we have started a task, things change. Everyone is too busy to plan – which results in ad-hoc demands and workload spiralling out of control.

This virtual interactive session gives you space to explore where things are going wrong, gives practical information and offers techniques and best practice to help you manage your every day work. This will help bring focus so you can plan, prioritise and adapt to make your day less overwhelming and more productive.

What the session will cover:

  • Accepting uncertainty
  • Six domains of resilience
  • Working out what is essential – defining priorities
  • Outlining the scope of your work
  • Producing a realistic plan
  • Linking tasks to resource – tips and tools
  • Contingency planning – and keeping a focus on core priorities when things change
  • Managing competing demands
  • Learning to say no – leaving space for innovation.

Who should attend?

Everyone who wants to improve the way they plan and prioritise work. Everyone who feels that the constant demands on their time are unmanageable.

Ruth Walker-Cotton

Ruth Walker-Cotton Ruth Walker-Cotton

Ruth Walker-Cotton is a qualified project manager (APM PMQ), a member of the Association of Project Management and has an MSc in Strategic Project Management.

Ruth has extensive experience of writing and implementing strategies and managing campaigns and projects within the Charity, NHS and Housing sectors. She is experienced in people management and loves designing and implementing systems and processes to ensure clarity and efficiency. 

Ruth's main areas of focus are strategy development and project management – whether working with leaders to develop a feasible strategy and the most effective projects to implement it, setting up project governance and planning processes, training project leaders and teams or guiding them through a project – supporting businesses to improve their strategic and resource planning, working with them as they go through organisational change.