Pop up training

Hosted training in association with HQN – saving you money!

Pop up training

We all know how frustrating it can be when you have a small number of staff or team of colleagues who require specialised high quality training.

Traditional ‘IN-HOUSE’ training delivery doesn’t provide a value for money solution and ‘timely’ or ‘local’ PUBLIC training events aren’t available.

That’s when ‘POP UP TRAINING’ provides the solution - an innovative way of bridging that gap.

POP UP TRAINING enables access to fantastic training packages from HQN, providing you and your colleagues with the training you need, when you need it ......... AND saving you money too!!!

To find out more about how POP UP TRAINING can benefit you/your organisation please contact us at: training@hqnetwork.co.uk

Pop up training

training track record

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package, please contact us by emailing training@hqnetwork.co.uk