Play area inspections

This certificated routine visual inspection course is aimed at those who are responsible for routine (daily/weekly) play area inspections. Such inspections are mainly visual, and offer you the opportunity to check for issues arising from day to day wear and tear, weather and vandalism. A RoSPA Certificate of Training will be given to all participants who complete the course. The RPII examination can be undertaken on the same day (extra charges apply).

Play area inspections

Play area inspections The course will cover:

  • Child development
  • The importance of play
  • Accidents, their type, frequency and severity
  • Legal, the appropriate Acts of Parliament and how they may affect the operator and directly the inspector
  • EN1176 Part 7 and other relevant sections of EN1176
  • Documentation, reporting and importance of record keeping
  • A logical and systematic approach to inspecting, including risk assessment inspection of approaches to playgrounds, including signs, traffic, road barriers etc
  • Inspection of the immediate playground surroundings, vegetation, fences, gates etc
  • Inspection of the active playground area within the fenced surround, seats, litter bins, vegetation, lighting, other furniture and non play items
  • Inspection of specific play equipment or play features including surfacing
  • Common faults on popular items
  • Practical site inspection.

RoSPA Play Safety

RoSPA Play SafetyRoSPA Play Safety

This course is being offered by HQN in partnership with RoSPA Play Safety. The training will be carried out by qualified RoSPA trainers. 

training track record

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