Person-centred fire risk assessment

The tragic failures and consequences of Grenfell Tower have served as a wakeup call for the sector, and reminded us all that keeping residents safe goes far beyond structural fire prevention measures.

Person-centred fire risk assessment

Person-centred fire risk assessment Developed with a leading registered provider and using the learning from the Grenfell enquiry and the National Fire Chiefs’ Guidance, this course is designed for operational staff who need to work with residents to:

  • Engage residents in prevention and risk management 
  • Reassure residents living in blocks with “Stay Put” policies
  • Identify those residents who may require additional preventative measures
  • Support residents to help themselves to stay safe in the event of an incident
  • Identify those residents who may need additional help in the event of an incident.

Course materials include:

  • Comprehensive workbooks
  • Tailored person-centred risk assessment template
  • Promotional toolkit for fire safety initiative programmes.

Patricia Dearnaley

Patricia Dearnaley Patricia Dearnaley

Patricia has worked in housing for the past three decades, focussing on maximising access to quality services for people with a range of housing, social and support needs. She specialises in advising and supporting providers to develop and remodel services using modelling, customer journey and excellence practices. Her experience and expertise include:

  • Working with providers to understand their customers’ experience of using their services, to remodel and optimise quality
  • Developing quality assurance frameworks for several organisations, including the Centre for Housing & Support and Estuary Housing
  • Developing and delivering training for staff across the UK and the Middle East across a range of business processes, including business process modelling, customer excellence, customer journey optimisation, resource management, negotiation skills and problem solving and decision making.

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