About Voicescape

Voicescape is a software business which has been developing technology solutions in the social housing sector for over 20 years, helping social landlords to connect with their communities through more effective customer engagement around the main touchpoints of the tenant-landlord relationship.

Using a blend of insight and technology the company’s services represent a unique offer in the sector; data science informs where to focus the effort and resource, behavioural science shapes the form of those interactions to deliver the greatest impact, and digital technology helps streamline communications to make sure contact with tenants is comprehensive, efficient, and effective.

Today Voicescape works with over 45 UK social landlords using automation to help add value to processes around income, wellbeing, building safety and customer voice.

Voicescape has four main solutions to support the social housing sector including automation services for rental collections, compliance on property maintenance, collecting tenant feedback and monitoring tenant wellbeing.

Our work in partnership

Voicescape are partnered with HQN’s rental income network to support members to learn more about how the world of data science can support improved tenant engagement in rent collections. Providing a new layer of depth and understanding about organisations and their tenants, Voicescape has been collaborating with members at a series of interactive events which have prompted staff to look at the way behavioural insight systems can help solve sector challenges.