About PayPoint

Paypoint is a leading payments provider in the UK which works across the social housing sector to provide quality payment advice, tailored support, and training in rental income to housing associations and councils across the UK.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of innovating the payments sector, it has a digital omnichannel payments solution – MultiPay. With over 450 clients using MultiPay and over 514 million transactions processed each year, Paypoint is highly experienced in understanding the impact fintech has upon tenant communications.

Paypoint has a range of digital payment channels including Paybylink, the app service, online, text, direct debit, phone/IVR, cash, cashout and recurring card payments.

Its solution multi-pay is a one stop shop for all digital payment, offering a single view of all payment channels and a point of truth including real time cash data. MultiPay offers providers a full API catalogue to integrate into existing systems, easy integration, and a roadmap with ever-evolving new features.

Our work in partnership

Paypoint have partnered with HQN’s Rental Income Network to work with members and receive feedback from key decision makers around it’s industry leading solution multi-pay.

Paypoint have worked with HQN on a series of webinars and events around digitalising payments. Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), a housing association managing over 25,000 homes in the North East, have already taken advantage of this new partnership, using one of MultiPay’s channels, PayByLink to chase arrears, prompt payments and take secure payments over the phone.