About Enterprise RPA

Enterprise RPA is a business dedicated to delivering the best Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assistant solutions, with proven results for clients working with their expert team of RPA mentors. They specialise in Housing Associations as a sector, as well as functional areas such as Finance, IT Services and Customer Engagement.

They partner with world-class automation platforms such as DRUID-AI (digital assistants / chat bots), Evolution AI (Natural Language Processing [NLP] and Document Understanding), Microsoft Power Automate and UiPath Hyper-automation to deliver blended automated solutions for clients to remove inefficiency, save money, grow revenue, and deliver better customer services by automating low-value, high volume, repetitive tasks.

Examples of applying RPA in Housing Industry – Housing Use Cases

Universal Credit Verification – Robot(s) is assigned to interact with the DWP portal, Housing Management and Finance systems, to check and confirm tenancy details automatically. Process claims can be done under 2 minutes, representing 10x productivity improvement and 100% accuracy rate

Housing Benefit Letter – Combines automation with AI to read scanned documents, extract key data, and source information from inhouse database. Letters are loaded into document repository, reducing processing time per letter from 10 to 2 minutes

Former Tenant Arrears – Automates validation checks for each former tenant account and adding appropriate actions on the back of the checks. The bot is able to reach tenants through multiple touchpoints including email, text and by letter, which can accelerate the debt collection process

Conversational Digital Assistant Platform – Serves tenants beyond a live chat. Checks everything from rent balances to tenant validation, allocates tasks by priority. Email re-route and back office CRM updates free CS to focus on providing a highly personalised tenant service.

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“Enterprise RPA adoption is allowing us to eliminate, automate and innovate our processes. This enables our support team(s), to spend less time processing and more time using their specialist skills to support our residents, adding value, and delivering a fantastic service”

Suzanne Adams, Head of Service Delivery – Technology, OPTIVO

“We find the team at Enterprise RPA to be extremely helpful and supportive. We are currently using RPA for our Universal Credit verifications which has saved colleagues an enormous amount of time and enabled them to focus more on customers and their needs, and are in the process of implementing RPA for our former Tenant arrears”
Justine Addison, Housing Officer, ASPIRE

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