About Appello

Appello are market leaders in Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and work with providers in the social housing sector to support providers to transform their digital services and improve their communications within their communities. Appello play a significant role in helping those most vulnerable to lead more independent and fulfilled lives through digital telecommunications.

Appello has developed the first end to end digital telecare solution in the UK which has over 400 developments and residents benefitting from Appello’s services. CareNet, is Appello’s award winning cloud hosted digital monitoring platform in the telecare industry. It’s smartTEC solutions also includes;

Smart Living SolutionsSLS is proven to enhance safety and wellbeing in your customers home, whilst enhancing the role of those working in supported housing.

SmartConnect  – the answer for those who need to replace existing equipment with digital technology. After the success of SLS a digital emergency alarm was born, SmartConnect..

SmartLifeSmartLife, is the UK’s first digital dispersed alarm offering interoperability and compatibility for UK housing and care providers.

Our work in partnership

Appello work across HQN’s main network to better understand the needs of members and residents in older persons housing. Appello have worked with us on a series of events for people working in supported housing, to learn more about the future changes to UK telecare services and communicate what this means for residents.