Older customers modular training programme

Social housing providers have seen a considerable change in the profile of people they are supporting. This has been particularly noticeable with those services working with older customers, and has presented staff with big challenges in working with older people who suffer with some form of mental illness, or abuse substances. As a result, this modular training package has been developed, comprising three half-day sessions focussed on building the awareness and confidence of staff delivering services to vulnerable older people.

Older customers modular training programme

What will participants learn?

Module 1:

  • Understanding mental illness in older people
  • What is mental illness and how can this impact on the ageing process?
  • The impact of dementia, and the types of dementia we might encounter
  • Tools and techniques to promote prevention and wellbeing.
Module 2:
  • Substance abuse, self-medication or addiction?
  • Understanding substance abuse: what is addiction?
  • Knowing the signs and symptoms of problematic substance use
  • Confidently responding and referring to acute services.
Module 3:
  • Working with behaviour which challenges services
  • Understanding the basis of behaviour
  • Behaviour mapping and planning
  • Techniques for positive behaviour changes.
Who should attend?
This course is aimed at staff delivering services to older people including resident and mobile wardens, scheme managers, site officers, neighbourhood housing officers, and support officers and workers.

Older customers modular training programme

Helena Taylor-Knox

Mental health Helena Taylor-Knox

Helena Taylor-Knox is a Managing Director in her own partnership consultancy specialising in the organisational development arena and consultant with HQN. With over 15 years experience in social and in particular supported housing, she is part of HQN’s consultancy and coaching teams. As a Business and Coaching Psychologist she has a BSc in Behavioural Sciences from Leicester University and a Masters in Mental Health (Organisational Psychology and Psychiatry) from King’s College, London. As well as being Certified to Level seven in both Coaching Psychology and Coaching Supervision. After completing her clinical training in New York, Helena moved to Wiltshire which is now home to her and her business. Helena has also been a Non Executive Director for nine years at the Green Square Group, which she left in 2016 and now sits as a Non Executive Director for Advance Housing.

training track record

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package, please contact us by emailing training@hqnetwork.co.uk