Eyes on the prize – putting nudge theory into practice

A one day workshop covering the science behind behavioural insight and nudge theory as well as an opportunity to put theory into practice.

Eyes on the prize – putting nudge theory into practice

Eyes on the prize – putting nudge theory into practice Course objectives

At the end of the workshop, delegates will: 

  • Understand the concepts behind “nudge” theory and behavioural science
  • Be able to separate the science from the myths of nudge
  • Understand how they can influence positive behaviour
  • Know their preferred negotiating style and how different styles influence outcomes
  • Be able to apply nudge theory in practice as a solution-based negotiation strategy to boost collection and minimise debt
  • Prepare effectively for discussing debt with customers
  • Be confident in initiating and managing a discussion regarding debt, securing payment and ensuing efficient but supportive account management
  • Understand different question types and apply effective questioning techniques
  • Deal with payment objections assertively and guide customers through sensitive and challenging discussions
  • Be able to deal with situations where customers present mental health issues.

Key areas for action will be identified during the day

Although focused on rent collection and debt management, the skills and techniques learned have a host of practical applications in other negotiating contexts. If running this course in-house the course can be tailored to other service areas as required.

Tony Newman - training

Income management Tony Newman

An independent project manager, consultant and trainer, Tony has over 40 years’ experience across a range of industries, in the private and public sectors.

Tony’s work centres on helping social sector clients to maximise income and improve services to customers, especially to support the financial wellbeing and independence of vulnerable people.

Tony studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Stirling and maintains an active interest in communication and behavioural science He incorporates the latest thinking on these subjects into his work.

He has extensive experience in designing and delivering highly effective negotiation training workshops and development programmes, across a range of sectors and in a variety of contexts. These include specialist workshops focused on housing management.

As an HQN associate, Tony designed HQN’s income management and financial inclusion toolkits and leads on the accreditation service for income management and tenancy sustainment.

He has a track record of supporting clients to improve performance in challenging environments and has practical experience of managing complex projects that have delivered improved social and financial outcomes.

Tony has written a number of papers and presented at many conferences on the subject of income maximisation, debt recovery and financial inclusion. He has a keen interest in the opportunities to improve quality and value for money through better integration of housing, social care and health services and more effective engagement with customers and communities.

Tony is a member of numerous professional and representative organisations. These include the Chartered Institute of Housing, Chartered Institute of Credit Management, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, the Project Management Institute and the Financial Health Exchange, for whom Tony is a member of the Advisory Panel.

Tony is a visiting lecturer at the University of Salford and is an associate of the University’s Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit.

training track record

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package, please contact us by emailing training@hqnetwork.co.uk