Tenant satisfaction measures sounding board announced by RSH | News

Tenant satisfaction measures sounding board announced by RSH

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has announced the launch of a tenant satisfaction measures sounding board.

In line with the Social Housing White Paper, which requires the RSH to deliver a new consumer regulation function to help reset the relationship between landlords and tenants, the regulator needs to make decisions in three broad areas:

  • firstly, any changes needed to its consumer standards
  • secondly, its operating model for the consumer regulation which will define how it checks whether providers are meeting the standards and respond if they are not
  • and finally a set of tenant satisfaction measures that will help tenants and the RSH hold providers to account and inform its regulation

To allow enough time for implementation, the regulator is planning to consult on a proposed set of tenant satisfaction measures in winter 2021-22, ahead of discussions and consultations on the standards and operating model.

Draft tenant satisfaction measures were set out by the government in the Social Housing White Paper but before the RSH can consult on the measures, it needs to develop detailed proposals about how they could be implemented in practice.

To this end, it has created a sounding board with representatives from across the sector.

Members of the tenant satisfaction measures sounding board include representatives from the following organisations:

  • ARCH
  • Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Councils with ALMOs
  • G15
  • G320
  • Housing Ombudsman Service
  • PlaceShapers
  • Local Government Association
  • National Federation of ALMOs
  • National Housing Federation
  • Northern Housing Consortium
  • Tpas

Alongside the TSM sounding board, the regulator says it will continue to engage with a wide range of sector stakeholders to understand views on tenant satisfaction measures and inform its thinking, including carrying out workshops with tenants.