Social landlords able to apply to Building Safety Fund | News

Social landlords able to apply to Building Safety Fund

Government has issued new guidance that allows social landlords to apply for remediation funds under the Building Safety Fund. 

It comes as over 1,000 private companies have already applied for the scheme.

The Building Safety Fund is to provide money for those remediating blocks that do not have ACM cladding on. For example, HPL cladding or other forms of unsafe cladding systems. 

In the guidance document, government says: "You will be able to claim for funding equivalent to the value of work which would otherwise be charged to leaseholders, who will therefore be the beneficiaries of this funding. We will fund reasonable eligible capital costs for qualifying project works that remediate unsafe non-ACM cladding systems on high-rise residential buildings."

The claim process will open on 31 July 2020 and the fund is available up to 31 March 2021.

To be eligible, social landlords will need to certify;

  • You hold contractual rights to carry out works and for the cost of remediation of unsafe cladding to be borne by leaseholders.
  • The cost of remediation, on which the value of a claim will be based.
  • That cladding is unsafe, as defined in the Building Safety Fund prospectus.
  • The project will be on site and remediation work will have started by 31 March 2021.

Government say that part of this, must be that relevant parties such as tenants are kept updated. 

They say: "As a Claimant to the Building Safety Fund, we expect you to inform all leaseholders and residents that you will be applying for funding.

"You should also inform leaseholders and residents of the nature of the works you intend to carry out and should provide regular updates to them on the progress of your funding application and remediation works."

More information can be found on the guidance here.