Safety campaigners 'very disappointed and very angry' after Jenrick meeting | News

Safety campaigners 'very disappointed and very angry' after Jenrick meeting

Campaigners representing those trapped in unsafe buildings have hit out at Robert Jenrick after a meeting they held with the Housing Secretary.

It took the group, End our Cladding Scandal, months to secure a meeting with Jenrick, after multiple emails and letters to his office. It eventually took a phone call to the LBC radio show to secure an answer.

The group say they "entered the meeting with relatively low expectations" but that they left the meeting with anger and disappointment.

In a statement, they said: "We are very disappointed, and very angry, to report that the meeting shared no new information whatsoever and appeared to solely be a box-ticking exercise, specifically designed so that Mr Jenrick could say that he has met with us."

They added: "Approximately a third of the meeting was taken up by Mr Jenrick and Lord Greenhalgh simply repeating the tired platitudes that have been regurgitated to the media, over recent weeks.

"Not all of our groups' spokespersons were given the opportunity to speak fully to highlight the many concerns of our residents, and the vast uncertainty that has been caused by the Government's weak approach to tackling this scandal.

"We continue to be left in limbo and fear Mr Jenrick and Lord Greenhalgh have still not grasped the extent of this crisis, and how hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being ignored and hung out to dry to deal with the effects of this crisis; a crisis, which leaseholders bear no responsibility for creating.

"We pushed for another, less rushed meeting to be held in December. Our request was not accepted."