Regulator kicks off the New Year with regulatory judgement retentions | News

Regulator kicks off the New Year with regulatory judgement retentions

The Regulator of Social Housing has awarded all organisations in the latest round of regulatory judgements retentions of their ratings.

Among those who kept their G1/V1 ratings were; English Rural HA, Broadacres Housing Association, LiveWest, Castles and Coasts Housing, Anchor Hanover, Silva Homes, South Liverpool Homes, South Lakes Housing, Advance Housing, Sovereign, Longhurst Group, Alliance Homes, VIVID, West Kent HA, Plymouth Community Homes, Magna Housing, Unity Housing Association, and Westward Housing Group.

Martin Collett, Chief Executive of English Rural, said: “We are delighted to maintain the highest regulatory grading, which recognises that English Rural is a well run and financially secure organisation. The outcome highlights the excellent work undertaken by both our board and staff.

"It is also important to recognise that it is the health of the organisation which enables us to achieve our mission of delivering homes and services to the rural communities we partner with and importantly the residents who live in the homes we provide.”

Alliance Homes responded on Twitter that they were "really pleased to be reconfirmed" as G1/V1.

Mark Perry, Chief Executive of VIVID, said: “We’re pleased to retain top ratings of G1 for governance and V1 for financial viability from the Regulator for Social Housing.

“This reflects the strength of our business plan, controls and risk management to ensure we continue in the strongest position possible to achieve our vision ‘More homes, bright futures’. This is more important than ever with the challenges the pandemic has brought to our customers and communities.”

Cath Purdy, Chief Executive, said: “We’re delighted to retain top ratings of Governance (G1) and Viability (V1) from the Regulator for Social Housing. This judgement enables us to look to the future with an assurance that we can deliver great service to our customers and continue to invest in our homes as set out in our Business Strategy to provide Quality Homes, a platform for life.”

Some kept a slightly lower mark, with Broadland Housing Association, Gloucester City Homes, Origin Housing and Poplar HARCA all receiving a G1/V2 rating.

Carol Carter, Origin CEO said: "It’s a tribute to our staff team and our Board who have worked so hard to keep things on track at this most challenging of times."

There were several G2/V2 as well, with Abbeyfield Society, Wandle Housing Association and Southern Housing Group.