New Development Management Platform gets Innovate UK funding | News

New Development Management Platform gets Innovate UK funding

A "first of its kind online Development Management Platform" has been awarded Innovate UK funding.

The platform, built by RenKap, allows public sector landowners to upload their underutilised land and complete all stages of development management at a click of a button.

The marketplace connects underutilised land with a vetted supply chain that can complete all stages of development from Site Investigation, Feasibility, Design and Planning and Construction. At the construction stage, RenKap aggregate sites and procure them to our offsite manufacturing partners.

The organisation says its aspiration is to "help large public sector landowners to instantly boost their inhouse development capabilities and deliver high-quality affordable homes at scale" and "become the largest housebuilder without directly building any homes."

Outlining the key benefits of the Development Management Platform, RenKap say:

  1. Our tech makes the smaller “inefficient” sites as lucrative as the large sites, enabling client Development Managers to do 10X as much.

  2. We make development more efficient which allows us to help our clients unlock their under-utilised land.

  3. We are supporting the economic recovery by creating a simple marketplace for vetted SME suppliers to access public sector opportunities at scale and with ease.

  4. Our platform aggregates and de-risks development sites and then procures them to deliver affordable homes at scale.

  5. We are diversifying the construction supply chain by shifting the public sector’s over-reliance on large private sector house-builders.

Currently RenKap has received Phase One funding, with Phase Two from Innovate UK set to be announced soon.