Feud between landlords and Mayor of London over evictions deepens | News

Feud between landlords and Mayor of London over evictions deepens

The Mayor of London and the National Residential Landlords Association have come to blows over evictions claims. 

Earlier this week, the Mayor said that a quarter of all private renters in the capital are having troubles with arrears and could face eviction.

But now the national body for private landlords has said Khan is "causing needless fear" and of "scaremongering".

It comes just a few days after the NRLA produced their own statistics on rent arrears.

The Association has written to the Mayor calling for a greater collaboration between him and private landlords. It is also calling for an end to the rhetoric which is "stoking up tensions between tenants and landlords".

New rules being introduced will mean courts can adjourn possession cases where landlords have failed to demonstrate that they have fully taken account of the impact that the pandemic might have had on their tenants before seeking possession.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said: “This has clearly been a challenging time for tenants and landlords across London. It is not in anyone’s interests to cause unnecessary anxiety for tenants through making wild predictions about people losing their home.

“The vast majority of tenants and landlords are working well together to weather the current crisis. With new court rules in place, it will be in the interests of landlords to do everything they can to sustain tenancies where possible.

“It is that spirit of co-operation that we need to build upon.”

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “The Mayor makes no apologies for standing up for the rights of London’s 2.2m private renters at a time of huge economic uncertainty.

“Many landlords have been sensitive to the insecurities currently facing their tenants but it would be negligent of the Mayor not to speak out on behalf of those who have fallen into arrears through no fault of their own during the pandemic, and  who potentially face eviction as a result.

“The proposals set out by the Mayor include using social security payments to cover the rent of private tenants who have fallen behind due to Covid-19, to the benefit of landlords and renters.

"The Mayor’s team has engaged with NRLA during the pandemic and, as the end of the eviction ban draws closer, it is essential that landlords and legislators work together for the benefit of London’s private renters.”