Croydon Council found in breach of Home Standard after ITV investigation | News

Croydon Council found in breach of Home Standard after ITV investigation

The Regulator of Social Housing has found that Croydon Council "has breached the Home Standard and the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard".

It comes just a couple of months after ITV News highlighted the issues in their investigation into bad housing in the country.

The Regulator says that due to this breach, there was "actual and potential serious detriment to LB Croydon’s tenants", adding that "the regulator will work with LB Croydon as it seeks to remedy this breach and will continue to consider what further action may need to be taken."

After looking at the evidence from the news report, as well as self-referred documents and an independent investigation, it was found that the problems "arose as a result of widespread and longstanding failures by LB Croydon in relation to its repairs and maintenance service", the judgement says.

The RSH add: "The independent report found that the issues arose as a result of numerous factors including staffing and cultural issues, issues in how the council responded to tenants’ concerns and complaints and weak performance management. Our engagement with LB Croydon has confirmed failings in the delivery of the housing service."

The judgement goes onto say that some homes were "uninhabitable and apparently unsafe" and that "other tenants may also have been at risk of serious harm" due to the condition of their home.

"In response to the problems identified, LB Croydon is seeking to understand the extent of the issues and is taking urgent steps to address the failings. An improvement programme is being implemented and we will continue our intensive engagement with LB Croydon to ensure action is taken with sufficient pace to ensure the safety of tenants while improvements are being delivered."

In conclusion, the Regulator's judgement says on the council: "Taking into account all of the evidence received during our investigation, the regulator considers that LB Croydon has failed to provide an effective repairs and maintenance service for tenants, and we also lack assurance that LB Croydon has an effective system to demonstrate it is meeting its statutory health and safety responsibilities.

"The evidence also shows that LB Croydon has failed to treat tenants with fairness and respect, and has failed to provide an effective process for tenants to raise complaints.

"As a result of these failures, the evidence suggests that some tenants were living in uninhabitable and unsafe properties, and that other tenants were at risk of experiencing the same conditions in their homes."