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BME London appoints new Chair

BME London has appointed Ben Laryea, Ekaya CEO, as new its new Chair. 

The body comprises of 14 BME social landlords.

Laryea, who takes over the role from Gina Amoh, Chief Executive of Inquilab HA, said: "I’m thrilled and honoured to be taking over this role from Gina and am grateful for the opportunity to build on the great job she has done as chair over the past three years leading BME London Landlords and Leadership 2025.

"As an alumnus who has benefitted immensely from Leadership 2025, I am very mindful and thankful for BME London Landlords setting up this programme and will work with my colleagues to continue we ensure the sector improves its performance in addressing the lack of diversity at senior executive and board level.

"BME London Landlords has an important role in highlighting the work the sector can do to address the complex challenges being faced by London's BAME communities.

"A clear priority will be working with sector partners to provide practical housing solutions to address the issues that have been brought into focus by the Black Lives Matter cause and the disproportional impact of COVID 19 on BAME communities.

"Social housing has a responsibility to empower tenants, and wherever possible we must give voice to the voiceless. The NHF's updated code of governance has created the opportunity for the sector to raise its ambition and lead on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

"The voice of BAME Communities have been marginalised for too long, this is unacceptable. BME London Landlords are committed to using our learning as a collaboration to enable the dynamism that is in the social housing sector to show leadership to right this wrong. 

"We look forward to the challenge."