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Report shows housing associations provided £1m in financial assistance

Between March and June 2020, UK social housing organisations representing 40% of the sector provided almost £1m in financial assistance, provided over 110,000 residents with advice and guidance, and made over 600,000 welfare calls.

That is according to a latest report by HACT, who have been tracking the assistance given by social landlords.

Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive, HACT, said: “This third set of impact measures shows how social housing organisations are continuing to support and assist residents and communities across the UK.

“If we aggregate these figures, it would indicate that the sector has provided over £2.5m in financial assistance, made 1.5 million welfare calls and provided over quarter of a million residents with advice and guidance since the Covid-19 pandemic began.”

“The sector has engaged with our residents on a scale that has never been seen before, responding to their individual needs, whether with food, advice or guidance, financial assistance or just a regular call to see if they are OK.

“In June, more people have been receiving financial support, as well as advice and guidance. Over 80% of the total amount paid out in financial assistance was paid out in May and June. In addition, over 38% of households who have received food have had this provided more than once. In June, this figure was over 50%, indicating a sustained level of need of food for some residents.”