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HQN is proud supporters of the recently launched Resident Voice Index™ initiative

The Resident Voice Index™ initiative from MRI Software was announced in February. The project is shaped by those working and living in social housing and aims to deliver great value back into the sector.

On the 20th May, the first in an ongoing series of resident surveys was released. Now live, its focus is on residents’ perceptions and sense of belonging to their neighbourhoods.

Outputs from the Resident Voice Index™ initiative will include a suite of indices and in-depth analysis developed to challenge conventional customer satisfaction measures and performance indicators.

The data and insights it will garner will bring together some of the traditionally quantitative aspects of housing delivery, as well as gathering self-reported data from social housing residents.

Since the project launch, a broad set of sector stakeholders have been engaged to ensure that a variety of views are independently listened to and that the right data is being collected.

The first survey is named Neighbourhoods & Communities and asks social housing residents about their perception of their communities and surroundings. Once closed, the survey will utilise robust analytics to deliver insights to the sector providers, policy-makers and residents.

As a supplier to around 850 social housing providers, MRI Software have a strong position within the sector, as well as the largest direct link to social housing residents via their mutual exchange platform, HomeSwapper.

Seeing a need from the sector to collect and disseminate timely insights and having the technological capabilities and resources to do so, MRI Software will make full use of their advanced data visualisation techniques to deliver actionable business insights.

The results from the Resident Voice Index™ project will be published on www.residentvoiceindex.com and will be publicly available to anyone wanting to access them.

Addressing the decision to create the Resident Voice Index™ initiative to the sector, Doug Sarney, Solutions Principal and project lead at MRI Software said: “The beauty of the Resident Voice Index™ initiative is that it will be provided as a free service to whoever wants to take a look.

"This is for a couple of major reasons: firstly, MRI wants to give something back to the sector beyond our more conventional Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

"And perhaps more significantly, the honesty of a genuinely independent service, not paid for by the providers or with questions asked by the providers themselves, which sits outside of regulatory requirements is going to be a difficult message to ignore.”

HQN’s support for the Resident Voice Index™

HQN are proud to be supporting MRI Software in this initiative. Through several HQN-hosted resident focus groups, viewpoints on a variety of topics have been gathered, which have heavily influenced the shape of the outputs.

Key findings from these sessions included an appetite from both residents and providers to change the way that the social housing sector is surveyed, with residents open to more detailed and in-depth questions if the outputs can be used by decision-makers to make a difference to their lives.

HQN will be inviting Doug Sarney to host a session at the upcoming HQN Annual Conference, where we hope to preview the very first insights of the Neighbourhoods & Communities survey.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Resident Voice Index™ initiative and future opportunities to get involved, please get in touch at info.ResidentVoice@mrisoftware.com