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Another housing association faces criticism after ITV investigation

Clarion Housing Group has become the latest organisation to face criticism after ITV News investigation into the poor state of their homes.

The investigation went around the organisation's Eastfields Estate, which is due for regeneration.

The organisation has since apologised to the 500+ tenants that are living on the estate in these conditions. 

It comes after Croydon Council were deemed non-compliant by the Regulator of Social Housing after ITV News investigation into their homes, with L&Q apologising publicly after their poor homes were shown too.

At Eastfields Estate, ITV highlighted Janet's story, who's bathroom was rotting and rats were getting into the home freely.

Janet, who lived in the home for 27 years, described how she can't sleep for the sound of the rodents. 

Another story came from Juliet, who complained of a ceiling leak in June last year. By the November nothing had been done about it and the ceiling collapsed. There is still a large hole in the ceiling where that happened. Her children were studying close to where the roof collapsed.

When asked about why Clarion tenants have to live in "such squalor", Clarion's Vicky Bonner, Director of Housing, said: "Getting the balance right between how much you spend in the short and long term on an estate that has ultimately come to the end of its life is difficult. 

"I'm absolutely clear that we have not got the balance right on the Eastfields Estate and I'd like to apologise on behalf of Clarion to all of those residents."

When asked about whether Clarion doesn't care about its tenants and whether she could live in the conditions tenants have been expected to, Bonner responded: "No I couldn't and I am really sorry that any Clarion resident has been put in that position and we are working with these individuals that you've talked about and we are working to look at what we can do but I am so sorry that Clarion residents have not had the service that they deserve."