Rent arrears in Scotland increase by nearly £9m in one month | News

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Rent arrears in Scotland increase by nearly £9m in one month

A new report by the Scottish Regulator shows there are more people in temporary accommodation and higher rent arrears, as landlords respond to the Coronavirus pandemic

Figures from the report show that rent arrears at the end of May stood at over £156m, a rise of £8.5m from April. 

The number of people in temporary accommodation grew by 7.5% on the previous month, with 13,175 households now in temporary accommodation.

The figures come from the second monthly dashboard reports released by the regulator.

Michael Cameron, the Regulator’s chief executive, said “These latest figures show the increasing pressures facing the social housing sector, people who are homeless and tenants and service users in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic.

"More people are now in temporary accommodation and are waiting on a permanent home. And more tenants are struggling to pay their rent.

Over the coming months, we will continue to monitor and report on the ongoing impact of the pandemic on social landlords to help support the work of the Scottish Government, the Social Housing Resilience Group, and the social housing sector.”

The Regulator has committed to continue to work closely with the Social Housing Resilience Group to monitor the impact of the pandemic on landlords.


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