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Network FAQs

Is membership for the whole organisation or for an individual?

Each of our memberships covers your whole organisation – and you can add as many individual contacts as you like!

If you’d like to add additional contacts to an existing membership, please email

Which networks can I join?

As well as our flagship Housing Quality Network, we also have several specialist networks you can join:

  • The Housing Management Network
  • The Leasehold Network
  • The Strategic Network
  • The Rent Income Excellence Network
  • The Residents’ Network
  • The Equality and Diversity Network
  • The Housing Finance Network
  • The Health and Safety Network
  • The Asset Management Network

What are the benefits of a membership?

Best practice groups? Check. Briefings, blogs and toolkits? Check. Ask the members? Check. Ask the expert? Check. Events discount? Check. Benchmarking? Check.

And so much more!

I’ve forgotten my login details! Now what?

To login to the website you will need your organisation’s username and password. These can only be sent out through email – so if you need yours, please contact

How can I download a locked document from your website?

To access a locked document, you need to be a member of that particular network.

If your organisation is a member, you’ll be able to log in and the document will be unlocked for your delectation.

Email if you need a reminder of your login details.

Are we already members?

To find out if your organisation is already a member, please email or call us on 01940 557150.

How can I use the ‘ask the members’ service?

The ‘ask the members’ service is a forum that allows you to pick the brains of your fellow members. To ask a question, go to the network homepage and select Members > Forums. From there you can choose to ask the members, or ask for best practice on the relevant thread.

If you can help with a question, please post your response on the thread. The more members involved the better – and the more likely your own question will get answers.

To see the terms of use, click here.

How much is a membership?

Standard membership for a specialist network cost is £820+VAT annually, or £1,500+VAT for the main Housing Quality Network.

However, discounts are available if you buy one of our package memberships, or if you already have multiple memberships with us. The best thing to do is contact us for a personalised quote.

I’ve seen an event on your website which I’m interested in attending. Am I entitled to a free place?

Certain events are free to members, while for others you’ll be entitled to a discounted place. Pricing can be found by clicking into the event page and looking at the right-hand column.

If you’re in any doubt about the pricing, just contact us on 01904 557150 or

Member discounts and free places are automatically applied by our events team when they process your booking.

We’re really proud of a recent project we’ve undertaken. How can we share it with other members?

We love sharing your positive practice stories and case studies with members. If you have something to share, please contact Louise Burgess on or 01904 557163.


Can I attend a best practice group?

Our best practice groups are organised for specific networks, so your organisation must have the relevant membership. To see which network each group is free to see the further information section on the right-hand side of each page.

If you would like to attend a best practice group but aren’t members of the relevant network, please email

I want to attend a best practice group but there are none in my area. Can I host?

If you would like to host a best practice group, please send an email outlining which network you would like to host and your organisation’s location to

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Got a question that hasn’t been answered here? Contact our helpful networks team on 01904 557150 or for a speedy response.