Navigating the development maze

The last few years have seen significant shifts in how new housing provision is publicly and privately funded, and a move from a focus on meeting needs by providing affordable rent to homes for sale.

Navigating the development maze

At the same time the pressure for organisations to develop has grown alongside increased challenges on their business plans, meaning that often these programs are required to make a profit by including market rent and sale propositions.

In this climate a clear line of sight for Board and excellent risk management has never been more pressing.

Housing development programs can deliver sustainable and appropriate stock as well as healthy profit margins. No two schemes are the same: each has its own technical, legal, financial or other challenges. This course will help those in and new to housing development develop a sound overview of the products, process, project and risk management, role of regulators, funders, developers and consultants.


Key stages in the development process –

  • Product types
  • Concept, feasibility, design and planning, pre-contract, onsite management, handover, defects
  • Considerations when developing for market rent, sale and shared ownership
  • Assembling and assessing a business case for development
  • Health and safety overview
  • Procurement processes
  • Project team procurement, roles and skills
  • Risk management
  • Client, regulator and developer roles and responsibilities
  • Financial appraisal.

Vicky Carroll

Technical Vicky Carroll

Vicky Carroll has over 25 years’ experience of working with Charities, Registered providers, Local Authorities and commercial businesses. She has significant experience in the private sector and has been a company Director in a commercial cost consultancy. In the public sector she has been a Director of a Private Finance Initiative with responsibility for developing and managing commercial enterprises.