Mystery shopping – Becoming a mystery shopper - training for service users, tenants, residents and customers

Mystery shopping is a valuable tool within the customer insight collection toolkit. It’s a brilliant way to gather high quality objective data relating to customer service and it requires a number of people who are ready, willing and able to shop.

Mystery shopping – Becoming a mystery shopper - training for service users, tenants residents and customers

More and more organisations are using service users and volunteers to act as mystery shoppers. They of course need training on how to shop and how to complete the documents required to conduct a successful shop. Knowing that your shoppers understand why they are shopping, and trusting that they are ready to shop, allows you to concentrate on setting up and running a mystery shopping programme.

Everyone can be a mystery shopper and many will want to be. Learning about their own skillset and experiencing this training session will give them all they need to carry out a shop and be successful.

What this course covers:

  • Understanding the role of the mystery shopper
  • Knowing how mystery shopping has been used in the commercial and retail sectors, and why your organisation is using mystery shoppers as part of its customer insight toolkit
  • Exploring the different types of shopping and how to use them
  • Considering who should conduct shops: the skills and capabilities needed
  • Planning and executing a mystery shop with appropriate supervision and writing up the results.

Who should attend?

Everyone who will be conducting a mystery shop, as well as all staff, team leaders and managers who will be overseeing the mystery shopping process.