Anti money laundering

Does your organisation meet the requirements of the UK anti money laundering regime and legislation? 

Anti money laundering

They require that your staff are trained so that they understand their anti money laundering responsibilities. A business that does not ensure staff are properly trained is committing an offence and is liable to civil penalties. 

The UK anti money laundering regime has evolved over a number of years and includes legislation intended to counteract criminal money laundering and terrorist financing. The legislation has recently been updated with the introduction of The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations in June 2017, which sets out the requirements of the UK anti money laundering regime. This training will satisfy the regulatory requirement for verifiable learning for all staff to understand their anti money laundering responsibilities and ensure that your organisation is compliant with the new legislation and is protected from the effects of money laundering. 

What will participants learn? 

  • What money laundering is and where housing providers are at risk of being used for money laundering 
  • What legislation covers money laundering and what it means to housing providers 
  • How to mitigate the risks to your business by putting in place effective policies and procedures, due diligence checks and by keeping records 
  • How to identify suspicious activity 
  • What the role of the nominated officer is. 

Who should attend? 

All staff in positions where they could come into contact with money laundering activity, or could be suspicious that money laundering might be taking place. This includes senior managers, heads of service, team leaders, income teams, housing officers, customer service advisors, money advisors, finance teams, development and sales teams and Right to Buy officers. 

Helen Muir

Income management Helen Muir

Helen Muir has extensive experience in the housing sector having worked in senior roles for two large housing groups, where her responsibilities included sales programme delivery and the management of over 5,000 shared ownership/leasehold homes, as well as leading on anti money laundering process and procedure.

Helen has worked as a trainer and consultant since 2012 specialising in affordable home ownership, leasehold management, Right to Buy and anti money laundering. She has provided interim management and strategic and operational support to a number of registered providers, local authorities and private sector companies and is HQN’s lead on anti money laundering.