Minute taking – Just a minute?

Board meetings are the highest level internal decision making forum in an organisation and good minute-taking is essential to providing a formal, long-term record of those meetings.

Minute taking – Just a minute?

Minutes have a critical role in demonstrating good governance within an organisation. Producing a set of minutes is an art and this training day will help you to perfect that art.

The course will provide practical tools and techniques to improve minute taking.

What the course will cover

  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • The purpose and responsibility for minutes
  • How to prepare minutes – what to include and what to leave out
  • To record or not to record?
  • Dealing with dissent and conflict of interest and other tricky issues
  • Access to minutes and publication.
Who should attend?
  • Minute takers
  • Company secretaries
  • Chairpersons of Boards or Committees
  • Other Board Members
  • Others in attendance at Board or Committee Meetings
  • Everyone with an interest in the role of minutes in demonstrating good governance.

Minute taking – Just a minute?

Katrina Michael

Personal development Katrina Michael

Katrina Michael is a HQN associate. Katrina is a chartered accountant, and has worked as Company Secretary for over six years. She has worked in the housing sector for over 25 years. Katrina is passionate about good governance and her engaging style of presentation ensures that the training is informative, enjoyable and practical.

training track record

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package, please contact us by emailing training@hqnetwork.co.uk