Minute-taking – In Depth Assessments

Make life easy for the HCA, write minutes that make sense to outsiders. Combined with well-argued reports with clear conclusions and briefing notes on the big issues. Taking minutes is administrative good practice, creating a record of what’s been agreed, what’s to be done, by when and by whom.

Minute-taking – In Depth Assessments

As a sector, we’re seeing greater focus on minutes from legislators and regulators.

This workshop will train staff on accurate recording and documentation, ensuring actions are implemented and progessed effectively to ensure the desired outcomes.

What the course will cover:

This highly interactive course is designed for everyone who needs to develop their minute-taking skills, with a focus on In Depth Assessments (IDAs).

There’s emphasis on the importance of providing a definitive record of what happens at governance, executive and board meetings: practice is changing and transparency is expected across all areas of housing. You’ll gain confidence in using tools and techniques to document and record information accurately, identify weaknesses and discuss the impact of effective documentation.

What will you learn?

  • The importance of accuracy, and how inaccuracy can affect outcomes
  • Recognising personal areas of strength and development
  • Knowledge of legislative requirements and regulatory responsibilities relating to minute-taking and IDAs
  • Tips and tools on accuracy and record-taking
  • Individual case studies and examples to demonstrate errors and good practice
  • Identifying personal and organisational challenges to enable effective communication and implementation of agreed actions
  • The importance of transparency and scrutiny of meeting minutes for IDAs.
At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand the purpose and methods of minute-taking
  • Recognise and deal with different elements of good recording methods
  • Understand the purpose of and identify mandatory content of an IDA
  • Be clear on how to document and progress actions arising
  • Distinguish between roles and responsibilities for IDAs
  • Understand the status of minutes and inspection rights
  • Clarify subsequent actions and security issues.
Who should attend?
Those in governance, executive or administrative roles who want to gain confidence in recording minutes with a specific emphasis on IDAs or to develop skills and knowledge in this area.

Tahira Hussain

Equality and diversity Tahira Hussain

Tahira Hussain has extensive experience working in the statutory and voluntary sectors. She had a 16-year career in social work, mental health, community development, charity and the housing sector.

Tahira has a successful track record in consultancy, training and project management. As an experienced project manager Tahira has delivered a range of projects, these include equality and diversity, domestic abuse awareness and inclusion strategies. Tahira has worked across a range of customer groups, including young people foyers, care homes, sheltered schemes and refuges in a contractual and consultancy capacity delivering therapy support, engaging with service users and training staff.  Tahira delivers one to one and group coaching to young people and families to develop confidence, increase self-esteem, develop goals and manage wellbeing.

Qualified as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, she is a member of the BABCP and BPS and regularly delivers training sessions to organisations across a range of developing awareness topics in this area, including mental health awareness, managing mental health, autism and ADHD challenges and support, challenging behaviours, child protection and safeguarding. Tahira is also NLP qualified.

As a qualified and experienced specialist psychological therapist in primary mental health care she treats people with depression, worry and anxiety covering a range of issues. She has an excellent record in achieving recovery and integrating good practice in multi-agency support in patient centred therapy treatment plans. Working with a range of ages and groups, Tahira works on a one to one basis and in groups to deliver support. She has experience working with families of children with a disability, ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia. Exploring wellbeing, tools and interventions with a focus on coping mechanisms and understanding different elements of managing on a day to day basis, Tahira utilises an experiential learning and development approach to ensure client led intervention and client focused decision making. Her approach is to empower and enable individuals to identify and manage wellbeing methods and self-help techniques based on CBT tools.

She also delivers psychological therapies as a school counsellor at Chethams School of Music supporting young people with a range of disorders including depression, worry, anxiety covering issues including bereavement, loss, PTSD, family, relationships, eating disorders, confidence and self-esteem issues using CBT based interventions. She also runs private client therapy sessions. This is combined with regular staff training sessions on areas including counselling, support skills and focused topics such as self-harm and dual diagnosis approaches.

Working as  a training associate for national agencies she has utilised her experience in the housing, health and care sector and delivered a menu of training packages aimed to support staff, stakeholders and residents on a range of topics including mental health awareness, mental health and wellbeing, safeguarding children and adults, equality and diversity, stress management, managing depression, effective psychological interventions, recovering from trauma and developing self-esteem.

Tahira is also an approved therapist and associate for Anxiety UK to support wellbeing and awareness of mental health through training, briefings, regular events and seminars.

training track record

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