Meetings that work

Meetings can be good or bad, useful or ineffective. Bad meetings use up time, resources and energy and can leave people wondering why they were even present. Effective meetings leave people feeling positive, and knowing what their next steps are.

Meetings that work

Course outline

This workshop will provide you with tools and techniques, peer learning and theoretical models – equipping you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to chair and facilitate meetings which are:

  • Task focused
  • Productive and successful
  • Well-structured and professionally run
  • Timely and time efficient.

By attending this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the purpose of each meeting and what format to use to ensure success
  • Prepare and structure meetings to allow sufficient time for debate
  • Become successful in reaching outcomes for each agenda item
  • Become able to encourage positive behaviours within a group
  • Gain understanding of behavioural dynamics in meetings
  • Develop your own strategies for dealing with negative and unhelpful behaviours
  • Use a range of facilitation techniques which will help generate ideas and motivate attendees.

Who should attend?

Everyone who is responsible for chairing meetings and facilitating/leading discussions.

Meetings that work

Jo Carr

Jo Carr Jo Carr

Jo Carr is a trainer, coach and development consultant with a 25 year career in leadership, management and staff development. Jo currently works with clients in the private and public sectors and has experience in social housing as both a senior leader and project manager. Jo’s specialism is behavioural change utilising a creative and adaptive approach. She uses her skills as an ILM coach and lifelong learning specialist to create and deliver stimulating and effective learning products.

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