Managing remotely in a crisis

We are offering a half day virtual learning session to give practical advice. Things are changing rapidly so we can tailor this to your particular situation and your organisation.

Managing remotely in a crisis

Managing remotely in a crisis The session is geared specifically to teams who need to work at a distance.

How do you manage a person or team effectively when you don’t physically see them often? This is particularly difficult if the team is suddenly dispersed. This session will cover the essentials and allow you to think about how the dynamic of a team changes when people don’t sit in the same physical space.

How do you as a leader manage this, keep people resilient and productive and support a strong sense of team in a time of huge uncertainty? There will be practical advice on adapting your communication style to reassure and keep the team focused.

What the session will cover

  • How to keep your team focused in a time of crisis and agree the core priorities
  • Questions you need to ask your team and actively listen to the feedback
  • The kinds of distance issues to consider – physical, operational and affinity
  • How to feel OK with uncertainty as a leader
  • How to establish communication norms, use of social media and using technology to best effect
  • How to hold individuals to account and motivate to deliver
  • How to help your team manage their anxiety, and keep up resilience.

Who should attend?

Anyone who leads teams based in different locations, or staff that work from home.

Emma Walker-Cotton

Emma Walker-Cotton Emma Walker-Cotton

Emma Walker-Cotton is an award winning trainer specialising in leadership development. She has over 25 years experience of training design and delivery in both the public and private sector, including working as HR Director for Amnesty International. Emma is passionate about individuals having the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop their resilience. She always ensures that participants leave the session with practical skills they can implement back in work.

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