Managing for the first time – navigating the first six months

Your first management role is highly likely to be a major shift in responsibility. You have an opportunity to set the tone for your new team, set out your intentions as a manager and show how you will be successful. You may also be daunted and overwhelmed by the range of tasks you have to quickly become familiar with, and the breadth of what’s expected of you as a manager of people. If you have been internally promoted, there will potentially be another set of challenges to face and overcome. 

Managing for the first time – navigating the first six months

Spending time on your professional development as a manager at the beginning of your management career will pay huge dividends, and this participative and thought provoking workshop will explore themes on becoming a manager, and help guide you to develop lasting strategies for success.  

By attending this course, you will: 

  • Be able to develop a roadmap to help you focus on how to be successful in your new role
  • Work out what your opportunities and challenges are as a new manager
  • Understand what your leadership style is, and explore the concept of situational leadership 
  • Understand the importance of developing your team 
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to be a successful manager.

Course outline

  • Key management and leadership skills, which ones to develop and learn
  • Characteristics of highly performing teams – how to create yours 
  • Problem solving and decision making, tools and concepts 
  • How to plan and allocate work 
  • Action planning for continuing professional development in management skills. 

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for newly-appointed or soon-to-be-appointed team leaders and managers. 

Managing for the first time – navigating the first six months

Jo Carr

Jo Carr Jo Carr

Jo Carr is a trainer, coach and development consultant with a 25 year career in leadership, management and staff development. Jo currently works with clients in the private and public sectors and has experience in social housing as both a senior leader and project manager. Jo’s specialism is behavioural change utilising a creative and adaptive approach. She uses her skills as an ILM coach and lifelong learning specialist to create and deliver stimulating and effective learning products.

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