Managing conflict, confrontation and challenging behaviour

‘Confrontation’, ‘conflict’, ‘challenging behaviour’ - terms that stop people managers in their tracks because they are uncomfortable, destructive and stressful. This interactive workshop is focused on the skills to help managers feel and be more confident in tackling uncomfortable situations, view conflict as less of a threat and accept that at times, inevitably, human interactions go wrong.

Managing conflict, confrontation and challenging behaviour

This interactive session will provide a safe and constructive environment for discussions around how hard it is to manage difficult behaviour and conflict, and look at how practically applied tools and knowledge can improve situations significantly.

By attending this course, you will:

  • Delve into what conflict and confrontation are really about
  • Understand that you can influence others and their behaviour
  • Learn about Covey’s Circles of Control, and how to use this model
  • Learn about Transactional Analysis and how to apply this in your interactions
  • Explore how feedback is a valuable tool for managing expectations and behaviour
  • Understand how to diffuse conflict, fairly and constructively – using de-escalation
  • Appreciate your strengths, and how you impact positively or negatively on others.

Course outline

  • Your profile, understanding your own reponses and building your resilience
  • Conflict and confrontation – what’s behind it? How to recognise warning signs
  • Practical application of theory: tools that work and improve your ability to deal with challenging behaviour
  • Responding with confidence as a manager, what works and what doesn’t
  • Emotional intelligence – your secret weapon
  • Action planning for your development. 

Who should attend?

Everyone who manages people.

Managing conflict, confrontation and challenging behaviour

Jo Carr

Jo Carr Jo Carr

Jo Carr is a trainer, coach and development consultant with a 25 year career in leadership, management and staff development. Jo currently works with clients in the private and public sectors and has experience in social housing as both a senior leader and project manager. Jo’s specialism is behavioural change utilising a creative and adaptive approach. She uses her skills as an ILM coach and lifelong learning specialist to create and deliver stimulating and effective learning products.

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