The Expectations Conversation – 90 minute course

The Expectations Conversation is probably one of the most important conversations you can have with people with whom you work. It’s short – taking no more than 30 minutes – but it sets the tone for an open and honest relationship right from the outset. 

The Expectations Conversation – Half-day course

There are four basic questions, but these can be supplemented with various others to achieve specific outcomes, as necessary. Learning this simple conversational tool and carrying it out with everyone will take your management to a whole new level. It creates a clarity of expectations between you, your team and those with whom you and your team work on a regular basis. It increases performance in a way you wouldn’t imagine.

Clarity makes everything easier and increases trust between individuals and teams which in turn makes the work flow easier and quicker. 

The format of this conversation makes it easy to ask the kind of questions that you may find difficult and especially to ask the final killer question that makes ‘difficult conversations' in the future much less likely and much easier if you do have to have them.

If there’s one management skill to have in your back pocket, it’s this one. Use with new team members, existing team members, peers, leaders, tenants/residents, family and friends. It is the conversation that will make everything in your life easier.

Quarterdeck have taught this conversation to hundreds of people and hear back every time how great it is and that people wished they’d known about it sooner. 

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who works within a team
  • Anyone who manages a team
  • Anyone who deals with tenants/residents.

What will you learn:

  • The basic four questions to create a level of clarity and performance that most teams don’t have
  • The supplementary questions for other situations
  • How to carry out this conversation with individuals to make work flow more effective
  • How to carry out this conversation as a team to make work flow more effective.

Alan Aucoin

Senior leadership Alan Aucoin

After graduating from university, Alan Aucoin started his career in the charitable sector supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people throughout Canada.

Working as Development Co-ordinator for Horizons for Youth, an innovative harm reduction shelter in Toronto, Alan was inspired by their resiliency and dedication to self-improvement motivating him to establish the best strategic partnerships with major companies and the community to ensure young lives continued to be inspired.

Upon relocating to the UK, he continued his work with young people to achieve their full potential at The Prince’s Trust, the UK’s leading youth charity, covering Yorkshire and the Humber.

Following his own life changing experience on a Quarterdeck programme, Alan was invited to become part of the Quarterdeck crew, continuing to promote the ideal that anyone can be an inspirational leader.

Since then Alan has become an exceptional trainer and coach. He works with clients large and small and is credited with creating many people’s ‘course of a lifetime’.