Middle managers – intensive skills workshop

Middle managers have one of the most challenging jobs in the business. Everyday they balance and juggle a variety of different often competing demands. From their bosses – boards, directors and senior managers – and their frontline staff and customers. These situations can be very complex and demanding, particularly when going through change. It calls for flexibility, sound judgements and decisions as well as diplomacy, empathy and plain common sense.

Middle managers – intensive skills workshop

Middle managers – intensive skills workshop Our intensive workshop will equip middle managers with the essential understanding and tools to become more effective and productive in their role. By raising delegate’s knowledge around tried and tested management theory and by enhancing skills sets in leadership and collaboration this workshop will boost confidence and the ability to deal with everyday challenges.

You will learn:

  • About the concept of change management
  • How to develop and use your decision making and problem-solving skills effectively
  • How to focus on personal and team resilience – managing your conflicting demands
  • How to harness the ability to manage the talent in your teams
  • How to develop your use of negotiation and influence, to avoid responsibility without authority
  • And understand the value of feedback, for team development and for influencing upwards
  • About managing and leading in uncertainty, dealing with the unknown.

Who should attend?

Essential for all managers and leaders of teams in a middle tier position. Both new and experienced managers will benefit from this practical workshop.

Jo Carr

Jo Carr Jo Carr

Jo Carr is a trainer, coach and development consultant with a 25 year career in leadership, management and staff development. Jo currently works with clients in the private and public sectors and has experience in social housing as both a senior leader and project manager. Jo’s specialism is behavioural change utilising a creative and adaptive approach. She uses her skills as an ILM coach and lifelong learning specialist to create and deliver stimulating and effective learning products.

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