Loss and bereavement - lessons in loss

In any working environment, even staff who are confident and competent in their communication and interactions with others can find themselves feeling apprehensive when confronted by a bereaved client or colleague. However, grief and loss affect us all and can be difficult to come to terms with both for ourselves, and in knowing how to respond to others.

Loss and bereavement - lessons in loss

By attending this course participants will:

  • Understand the concept of loss and different types of loss
  • Explore feelings and reactions to loss
  • Discover the stages of grief
  • Learn how to deal with other people’s grief
  • Understand more readily reactions to death and dying
  • Learn about support systems.

Who should attend?

This one-day course will help staff and managers to give a caring and professional response which can significantly enhance the quality of service and support given. It will benefit everyone wishing to increase their personal development and self-awareness in relation to loss.

Loss and bereavement - lessons in loss

Carol Nesbitt

Carol Nesbitt Carol Nesbitt

Carol Nesbitt is a unique, person-centred and interactive deliverer of learning. Coupled with many years’ experience of delivering courses regarding personal development and working in stressful environments, Carol is an NLP practitioner, which enables her to use specific techniques to help delegates to change their life and the lives of those they work with or manage.

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