Leasehold – Making your leasehold service work for you

Does your organisation manage leasehold properties? If so, are you doing enough to ensure you recover the costs of delivering your leasehold service and maximising your income?

Leasehold – Making your leasehold service work for you

With an increased government emphasis on home ownership including shared ownership, starter homes and the implementation of the voluntary Right to Buy for housing associations, we’ll see an increase in leasehold properties in the coming years. It’s more important than ever that organisations get their leasehold service right. This training will help you with practical help and advice that you can take back to your workplace.

What will participants learn?

  • What you need to have in place to ensure you recover the cost of the services you provide
  • What fees you can charge for delivering your leasehold service
  • How to recover service charges from your leaseholders
  • What relationships you need to build to ensure you provide an effective and efficient leasehold service.

Who should attend?

All staff who are involved in dealing with leasehold schemes including frontline leasehold management staff, team leaders and managers.

Helen Muir

Income management Helen Muir

Helen Muir has extensive experience in the housing sector having worked in senior roles for two large housing groups, where her responsibilities included sales programme delivery and the management of over 5,000 shared ownership/leasehold homes, as well as leading on anti money laundering process and procedure.

Helen has worked as a trainer and consultant since 2012 specialising in affordable home ownership, leasehold management, Right to Buy and anti money laundering. She has provided interim management and strategic and operational support to a number of registered providers, local authorities and private sector companies and is HQN’s lead on anti money laundering.