Leasehold benchmarking 2018

Welcome to this year's main benchmarking exercise. We've made a few changes for this year. The focus is now operations and performance. It looks at resources, then sales, repairs and collection performance.

Leasehold benchmarking 2018

Once again, the exercise is both online (link below) and in Excel format (attached) - for if you want to save your responses on a gradual and ongoing basis.

Please do take part. Give us as much or as little as you have available. Every little helps.

You can either complete online or send us back the Excel sheet.

The more participants we have, the stronger the data and the better the regional comparison (capital -v- the regions).

Closing date extended to Friday 3 August 2018.

We'll be having a look at satisfaction at a later stage, perhaps into 2019, in a smaller exercise.

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