Investigative interviewing masterclass - one-day workshop

Many housing professionals are expected to be able to conduct investigative interviews, whether that’s dealing with complex cases of anti-social behaviour with multiple, conflicting accounts and counter-allegations, or issues of succession rights, sub-letting or abandonment.

Investigative interviewing masterclass - one-day workshop

Carrying out these interviews can be challenging, and risks a confrontational encounter that achieves little. This training will help staff to conduct highly successful and professional interviews that maintain a strong relationship with the interviewee (whether a witness or alleged perpetrator) and obtain a detailed and evidentially useful account of the facts.

Based on current UK police training, this course will enable housing staff to develop and use ethical and successful investigative interviewing skills for the benefit of their organisation and its customers.

Course content:

  • Interview structure
  • Interview psychology
  • Managing relationships during the interview
  • Triggering spontaneous disclosure
  • Highly effective questions.

Who should attend?

All frontline staff who are expected to carry out investigative interviews, particularly those dealing with anti-social behaviour investigations.

Chris Knight

Personal development Chris Knight

After ten years’ experience as a police officer, Chris Knight has spent over 20 years working in social housing in a variety of senior roles in local authorities and housing associations, and most recently as a consultant specialising in performance improvement. He uses his experience to create an enjoyable, entertaining and positive learning environment.