HQN Accredit: Income Management

Plugging the gap left by less inspection, HQN Accreditation: Income management is an opportunity to demonstrate and promote your improvements as well as gain access to the most up-to-date best practice. It acts as an incentive and motivator for staff and reassurance for your residents (particularly those involved in the scrutiny process).

HQN Accredit: Income Management

HQN Accredit: Income Management is the UK's only accreditation system specifically designed to assess how well a landlord manages its income streams. Applying an objective, rigorous and challenging scrutiny process, which focuses on the things that really matter, HQN Accredit: Income Management has been designed to recognise and reward those organisations which maximise their own and their customers’ income.

As an HQN Accredit: Income Management holder, you will benefit from:

  • Recognition as a service provider that operates efficiently, effectively, economically and delivers excellent service to tenants and residents
  • Proof that you deliver value for money
  • An enhanced professional reputation for the organisation, managers and staff, nationally and locally
  • Peace of mind for your customers and partners that you are delivering against your local offers
  • Robust guidance and support from HQN’s income management specialists.

HQN’s specialist Rent Income Excellence Network has spent several years developing this accreditation, building on our extensive experience of helping social housing providers to design and deliver high quality services. Our knowledge and expert resources are recognised across the housing sector and we have worked with many of the country’s top performers.

If your organisation wants a tangible sign that your services meet or exceed good practice standards and that you are proud to offer a best-in-class service to your residents, then Accredit: Income Management is for you.

HQN Accreditation flyer - Income

Anna Pattison

Anna Pattison

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