HQN Accredit: DLO/Contractor

HQN recognises that successful repairs and maintenance services can be provided by a variety of means. That’s why we’ve developed a range of Accreditation systems specifically designed for each service delivery type.

HQN Accredit: DLO/Contractor

Whether you run repairs and maintenance services directly, through a Direct Labour Organisation (DLO), external contractor, or even a combination or all, then we have an Accreditation service that will work for you.

Developed by HQN, building on its experience of extensive work in the social housing sector, HQN Accreditation aims to ensure that services operating at optimum levels of good practice and service delivery for their customers receive the recognition they deserve. HQN Accreditation involves undergoing a rigorous scrutiny process to achieve and retain accreditation.

An accreditation mark is a visible sign that your services not only meet or exceed good practice standards, but that your organisation is proud to offer a best-in-class service to its tenants and residents.

As an HQN Accreditation holder, your service will benefit from:

  • Recognition as a maintenance service provider that operates efficiently, effectively, economically and delivers excellent service to tenants and residents
  • Recognition that the key characteristics of your service compare favourably with private and public sector housing maintenance organisations judged to be operating at optimum levels
  • Proof that your service is a Best Value service – giving you the competitive advantage
  • Robust guidance and support from HQN’s specialist HQN Accredit consultants
  • The mark of excellence and value for money, proven under rigorous critical requirements.

HQN Accredit DLO flyer

Anna Pattison

Anna Pattison

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Anna Pattison is the business manager responsible for consultancy and HQN Accredit and the main contact for all enquiries and ongoing work.

To find out more, email Anna or call 01904 557197