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Opinion: Using social media to boost customer engagement

By Tiffany Richards, Customer Engagement Officer, LiveWest.

Customer engagement seems simple, but in actual fact gauging feedback from over 80,000 diverse customers across a vast geography could be a huge challenge.

However, LiveWest has turned the word challenge into challenging convention in adopting unconventional methods to engage with a new profile of customers through social media.

Back in 2018, a group called @yourviews was created separate from the main @wearelivewest Facebook page. By setting up a group, it means customers can join in on service reviews, quick surveys and polls or take part in larger scale consultations.

The group is managed by the Customer Engagement team and customers asked to join to make sure any reviews and discussions are with LiveWest customers only. The group also details a code of conduct on joining, so the purpose and etiquette is kept to the aims and objectives of the page.

Since its birth, over 500 customers have joined the group. These make up a large number of demographic profiles who were often not heard through more traditional approaches to consultation on a 9-5 working day, due to work commitments, family or carers.

Posts on the group are kept informal, using ad hoc polls, live questions and meetings which have shown to have had a profound effect in obtaining large numbers of qualitative and quantitative feedback in a short timescale.

Just recently, questions were posted on the group about the proposed customer service standards. Within less than a week, over 82 customers, 165 comments and 126 votes responded with their thoughts and experiences. The difference on return rate on this consultation compared to a digital survey showed a 30% increase via Facebook.

Facebook is a safe and familiar space for our customers to engage and talk openly with us when it’s convenient for them and not just for the business. There are no travel requirements, no costs involved, just raw, unedited responses to customer experience.

Features such as the scheduling tool have played a key part in prompting conversations with customers at a time they are most likely engage in feeds, cutting down the time for staff overtime and costs incurred for a half empty community room in the evening.

It’s important to remember that Facebook is only one platform of engagement, and LiveWest continues to provide a range of accessible methods for all their customer voices to be heard.

Having the right method, at the right time is far more effective than reverting to ‘one size fits all’.

It’s important all our customer voices are heard and the barriers which stop that from happening are challenged and broken.