Housing Management Network news update 13/07/21 | Housing Management Network news

Housing Management Network news update 13/07/21


Five social landlords in breach of Ombudsman’s complaint-handling code

In its latest quarterly report, the Housing Ombudsman has revealed the number of complaint-handling failures orders issued between April and June 2021.  Whilst 17 of the 23 failure orders saw landlords comply, five landlords for the remaining six orders did not.

The complaint handling failure orders are designed to ensure that a landlord’s complaint handling process is accessible, consistent and enables the timely progression of complaints for residents.

Four of the non-compliant failure orders were for the landlords’ unreasonable delays in accepting or progressing residents’ complaints, whilst the other two were for unreasonable delays in providing complaint information requested by the Ombudsman.



Building Safety Bill warning for housing associations

In response to the newly published Building Safety Bill, the National Housing Federation is warning that some social landlords will have “no other choice” but to pass on remediation costs onto leaseholders.

Whilst the bill makes it a legal requirement for building owners to explore alternative ways to fund remediation work before charging leaseholders, the bill doesn’t protect leaseholders fully from costs.  They would like the government to cover all costs upfront and claim the costs back from the companies responsible such as private developers.



CIH launches new homelessness campaign

The Chartered Institute of Housing has launched “Homeful” – a new campaign focussing on a housing-led approach to tackling homelessness.

A new report looking at lessons learned during the pandemic kicks off the campaign and future activities will include the UK’s largest co-produced research project conducted amongst housing providers, homeless organisations and charities, housing residents and those that have been homeless.


500% increase in council’s B&B spend

Research form the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed a 500% increase over the last decade in what local authorities pay for B&B accommodation for homeless households.

Latest figures show that England spent £142m on B&B accommodation for homeless households in 2019/20.

The LGA believes this research underlines the urgent need to build more social housing. They are asking for councils to be given further powers and resources to build 100,000 social homes for rent each year.



75% of housing associations plan to implement hybrid-working model

A survey by social housing change specialists Golden Marzipan suggests that 75% of housing associations plan to move to a hybrid working model in the future.  

Whilst some respondents cited staff engagement and the delivery of agile and enhanced customer service as the reasons for the move, some respondents voiced concerns about the impact on culture and keeping staff engagement in the business.

The survey also found that despite the majority of those surveyed looking to a future hybrid model, only 10% have a fully integrated plan for implementation.