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Communities to be transformed with 'stunning bursts of colours'

A housing association is brightening up its communities with wildlife and pictorial meadows.

South Yorkshire Housing Association say they want to offer these communities areas that give "stunning bursts of colours, joy and that celebrate their identity."

In 2016 SYHA teamed up with Green Estate: a social enterprise in Sheffield led by Sue France, who have for the last 20 years been growing, creating and managing annual and perennial meadows under its brand Pictorial Meadows.

Sue’s vision was to transform grass to fields of bright, joyful flowers that would connect people to an urban vision of nature, and to lift their spirits.

Miranda Plowden, Business Development Director, SYHA said: “We’re rooted in our place: all of our homes are in South Yorkshire and Sheffield City Region. We wanted to look at how we could celebrate that, given our 6000 homes are dispersed in small clusters of 10-100 homes.

“We want to look at exploring the use of narrative to make our homes and estates both distinctive and of their place: how the physical, historical and cultural contexts of a site can generate design ideas that give a place meaning for the people who live there.

"Each site has its own specific features: its location, its neighbours, its views, its boundaries, nearby woods, trees and waterways. And all of our sites have opportunities to connect with broader narratives around their place in the neighbourhood, the city and the region: Pictorial Meadows provides this opportunity."

The meadows act as a metaphor for SYHA’s portfolio of homes: each mix is tailored to its specific site. All the meadows have – and will – been carefully designed from wildflowers around the world to have a long flowering season, and bring beauty, joy and wildlife to our communities.

Miranda added: “In some ways, our portfolio of homes is like a Pictorial Meadow. There’s lots of individual blooms scattered across a large field, that together create something coherent and beautiful.”

Over the past few weeks, SYHA have been running their #bloominglovely campaign, focused around celebrating beauty in the everyday, partnerships, nature, pictorial meadows and their customers.

They’ve been sharing seed mixes with customers for their window boxes and gardens, activity packs for residents to draw their own meadow and lots more.

If you’d like to follow the campaign or join in, follow @SYorksHA on Twitter or search #bloominglovely