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Regulator sets out sector risks for the coming year

The Regulator of Social Housing has published its 2020 Sector Risk Profile, setting out the risks that the sector faces over the coming year.

In an uncertain economic environment with competing priorities and changing tenant and stakeholder expectations, all bringing potential financial pressures and reputational risks, RSH has identified the following key risks that providers must manage and mitigate:

  • ensuring the quality of stock, including changing expectations about building safety and energy efficiency
  • ensuring the safety of tenants’ homes, both under current pandemic conditions and in the longer term
  • evolving expectations about transparency and accountability and relationships with tenants
  • helping to meet the demand for new affordable homes in an uncertain economic environment
  • increased reliance on debt with a need for £41bn in new debt facilities over the next five years.

Across all risks, RSH identifies that effective governance, including good risk management practices and the ability to make informed, transparent decisions about strategic priorities and trade-offs are vital to navigating uncertainties.

Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of RSH said: "The social housing sector’s response to the immediate financial and operational impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated providers’ preparedness for unexpected shocks.

"However, as our Sector Risk Profile sets out, the outlook remains unusually uncertain in the sector, the wider economy and society. Social housing providers must continue to identify, manage and mitigate the range of risks they face and be transparent and accountable for the strategic choices and decisions they must make."